Jessica Hartwick

Hockey Experience

Jessica is a former professional hockey player and 2018 Clarkson Cup Champion. Jessica played 2 seasons in the Canadian Women's Hockey League (CWHL). She was first drafted to the Brampton Thunder in August 2016. Brampton re-located to Markham for the 2017-2018 season. 

Prior to her time in the CWHL, Jessica was a member of the Ryerson Rams Varsity Women's Hockey Team. She was part of the inaugural team when she started her career in September 2011. She was an assistant captain in her 2nd and 3rd years, and captained the team in her 4th and 5th years. Jessica was recognized by both the Ryerson Rams and Ryerson University for her leadership and her outstanding commitment to her team and her community through the G.L Dobson Award, Gold "R", Blue "R", and Devon Lord Brooks Scholarship.

Treadmill Experience

Jessica was introduced to the BLADE Treadmill in December 2012 where she became the first part-time student employee for Ryerson Skate Training. Over the next 5 years, Jessica worked under the direction of Vanessa Stratton and assisted in creating and developing all programming associated with Ryerson Skate Training. Her passion for both treadmill and on-ice training grew immensely. When she graduated from Ryerson University in 2016 she was hired full-time by Ryerson Skate Training and held her title of Skate Training Specialist from August 2016-March 2017. In April 2017 Jessica stepped in as interim-coordinator after Vanessa decided to pursue other opportunities outside of Ryerson and held this title until September 2017. 

Hart & Stride Hockey Development Inc.

With the unfortunate closure of Ryerson Skate Training in September 2017, came the birth of a new company. Jessica decided that her days of treadmill training were far from over, so she purchased the treadmill from Ryerson University and worked on relocating. Jessica has always been passionate about skating and more specifically stride technique. She believes that the best hockey players in the world are also the best skaters in the world. So, to her... the stride is the heartbeat of any hockey player. Using this and using a play on words with her last name... she came up with the name Hart & Stride. Simple, but unique!